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Construction Services

Construction Services - Global Modular, Inc.

The Global team possesses over 125 years of combined modular construction experience. Their staff consists of competent skilled tradesmen who possess excavation, concrete, plumbing, electrical, demolition, mason, roofing, carpentry expertise and much more.

Depicted below is a partial list of services currently being provided to California school districts by Global Modular Construction Services:

  • Earth work including full site preparation
  • Concrete foundations and other flatwork
  • Utilities installation and connections
  • Modular building installation
  • Decks and ramps, premanufactured and site installed
  • Permit application and approval through local building and zoning authorities
  • Liaison services with state building code governing authorities
  • Mechanical (heating and air-conditioning) installations
  • Building demolition
  • Landscaping
  • Refurbishment of existing modular and/or traditionally built structures
  • Relocation of existing portable structures whether DSA or DOH type
  • Fencing